Beginning from 1974, he has been presenting the information and knowledge he has got to the PVC sector under ŞAHBAZ METAL roof since 2000. ŞAHBAZ METAL combines its experiences with its dynamic thinking structure and has enough equipment to meet the needs of the industry. ŞAHBAZ METAL which is the first company that comes to mind as a driving accessories continues with sure steps in the industry with its sliding wheels and sliding wheels which are produced from raw materials of sheet metal and gauze

Our Mission ;

Adopting total quality management and manufacturing at the highest standards. Being a company with environment and society know-how by establishing new production organizations according to changing conditions and offering the best quality products and services.

Our Vision ;

It is to become a leading organization in the field that can shape and shape the sector by following the technological developments, implementing itself, always developing itself, influencing the sector with the products that best meet the needs of the movement mass with the designer spirit.

Our Respect